One of the “Pile of Shit”-pieces from our collaboration with Bedazzled. Here Together with Daniel Svahn’s genius Castor.


One simple line makes one simple function.

Long day of HYSTERIA!

Silk kimono with a pattern specially designed for suite 809 at Scandic Anglais.⠀

Photographer: Lisa Ekelund⠀
Model: Malin Karlsson⠀
Make up: Hanna Lindblom




Working view from Downtown Camper.

New Orb.⠀
A development of the Orb now with a new finnish and added features. Its possible remove the centered cylinder and turn the dome around so that it also can be used as a bowl, perfect for popcorn or a fish.⠀ Photography by Mathilda Werngren

Meet the new Orb.⠀


Field table and Block wallpaper and carpet. Everything specially designed for the suite 809 at Hotel Scandic Anglais.



Pile of Shit.⠀
As the result of a collaboration between Straight and the jewelery brand Bedazzled, Pile of Shit was created. A collection of table top products that is supposed to evoke desire and curiosity. The products lack a certain application and creates through its contrasts between melted raw and polished machined brass, a chaotic yet highly stylish feel.⠀

Photo by Dana Ozollapa for Rum Design.⠀


New coating – soon!

Arting or prototyping. It’s sometimes hard to tell…


Working with Jenny to get all done for tomorrow’s great opening at Anglais Terrassen!


New products, new pictures.

Our old Tray for Cult

‘Pile of Shit’ is a collaboration between Straight and Bedazzled. Hera in our showroom and Crooked Concept Store. Together with some other goodies by Daniel Svahn, Joar Torbiörnsson and Bedazzled.


‘Keep’ box made of Brännlyckan marble and birch.⠀

Photographer: Mathilda Werngren⠀

Sidetable ‘Line’ and piece from big ‘Orb’.⠀

Model: Theodor Öhrn⠀
Photographer: Matilda Lahall⠀
Stylist: Love Ohlin⠀
Concept: Straight

Piece from big ‘Orb’ for Klong.

Model: Theodor Öhrn
Photographer: Matilda Lahall
Stylist: Love Ohlin
Concept: Straight


Cabinet ‘Crate’⠀

Model: Theodor Öhrn⠀
Photographer: Matilda Lahall⠀
Stylist: Love Ohlin⠀
Concept: Straight⠀


‘Keep’ box⠀

Model: Theodor Öhrn⠀
Photographer: Matilda Lahall⠀
Stylist: Love Ohlin⠀
Concept: Straight⠀


Piece from small ‘Orb’ for Klong.⠀

Model: Theodor Öhrn⠀
Photographer: Matilda Lahall⠀
Stylist: Love Ohlin⠀
Concept: Straight⠀


Table ‘Field’ manufactured by AR Granit.⠀

Model: Theodor Öhrn⠀
Photographer: Matilda Lahall⠀
Stylist: Love Ohlin⠀
Concept: Straight⠀


Eight pages of “Stripped Shapes” in Grand Relations Review.⠀

Model: Theodor Öhrn⠀
Photographer: Matilda Lahall⠀
Stylist: Love Ohlin⠀
Concept: Straight⠀


Field in the latest issue of Residence Magazine.⠀
Styled by great Cecilia Tivar.⠀


One of the “Pile of Shit”-pieces.⠀
A collaboration between Straight and Bedazzled that resulted in a series of brass objects for the table.⠀

Photoshoot for Crooked Concept.

Preparing next weeks Crooked Concept show.


The magazine/stone table, Field.
Shot by amazing Dana Ozollapa exclusively for Rum Design.


Finally printed!
Grand Relations Review with Straight as Creative and Art Director.


Back at the office!

More plants for Crooked Concept!

Working in the photo studio with Dana Ozollapa.


Happy December!


Our working space for the next two weeks. So long Stockholm, hello Skåne!


Winter is coming to Stockholm and erase the colours. Kinda like it…

Time for photoshoot again.

The creative Friday mood is boosted by new inspiring project together with Grand Relations!

New article about the concept room we did together with Sara Garanty for Hotel Scandic Anglais.


Filling up the Field table!


Monday mood on our Stain coasters.

Playing with colours.

Our shop and showroom, @crookedconcept one of ELLE Decorations favourite design shops in Stockholm.

Our office dog is back!
Go Signe!

Residence has chosen their green favourites, one of our new tables Field is one of them.


Waiting for the coffee…..

We had a good time.

Fascinated by black and white.

Orb in the Swedish Design Pavilion at Super Brands London.

Great shapes, straight enough!


Leaving for London.

Hard working intern!


New shapes.

Empty at the office without Pelle! Good luck in Paris!

Last week, in Rum809, we launched our new table collection Field. A collaboration with AR Granit.

Stefan jumping classic!

Thank you all who joined us yesterday in “Rum809” and made the evening even more colourful!


Putting some paint on.

Picking up some living props for Rum809.

Photoshoot with Mathilda Werngren and Sara Garanty.


Still at the office, preparing next weeks launch. New clothes for room 809 at Scandic Anglais.

Trying out some patterns.

Late night work with street light company.

Picking up material for a new Project.


Just begun a new collaboration with our dazzling friend Bedazzled!

Happy Pride!


Caotic sketching

Taking shape.



New fabric for upcoming project.


Vacation work.


Orb also love the sunlight!



Article in Rum Hemma about our newly opened store Crooked Concept.


Crate in its best mood, as a display. This time for the Revisit bowls by Marie Lindblad for Crooked Concept.

Playing with plexi and shadows in the spring sun.


Crooked Concept Store are now open at Västmannagatan 47, Stockholm.


Crooked Concept Store open soon!


Spring is here!

Reinsta @gronaporten





Getting there…


Miniature jungle with the steel Orb prototype.


Tonight the Guldtuben gala will take place. We will be there to see the statuette, designed by Straight, be received by the talented winners.



Late night work.

Brighter times, darker walls.

Moved in at the new office. Business is on again.

Back, playing with the laser cutter again and did some invitations.

Just received the key to our new office!

Doing some still life at the office.

Picture from mom.

Photoshoot with new products for Crooked Concept.

Crooked Concept, listed as one of the best things during Stockholm Design Week in SvD, Perfect Guide by Stefan Nilsson.

Carte with Orb prototypes.

Noon reading, found ORB in the latest issue of Sköna Hem.

Just arrived to the south for some “post design week rehab”.

Looking down on the Crooked Concept exhibition from last week. We are so happy to work with such talented friends.

Straight together with Johan Magnusson last week. Thank you RUM and Grand Relations for a great gala!

Thank you all for a great evening!

Building exhibition!
Crooked Concept tonight 18-22 at Capitol, S:t Eriksgatan 82. Welcome!

First day of Stockholm Furniture Fair are over where we are proud to show Orb together with Klong. Don’t miss it!

Beatrice Nilsson joined Straight 2016 as a co-designer and producer.