Beauty and meaning consist often of what we consider as pure. In the authentic, simple, unique and organic forms. We can find courage in the naked and natural state when everything nonessential is peeled off. These are ambitions and beliefs we seek to work towards and achieve at Straight design.

A small step for humanity, a huge step for us. Finally we launched our new collection of self produced artefacts that we’ve been working on for too long.Together with TypeO we premiered our first six artefacts during an exclusive dinner with some lovely friends. Stay tuned for a closer look!Photo and styling by the amazing Mathilda Werngren and Cecilia Tivar.

Ready for a dinner.

On Thursday evening we will move in to the house of TypeO to launch our brand new collection. A series of artefacts that are both designed and produced by us. The house will temporarily transform into a dining space for a handful creatives to celebrate our new path. Keep your eyes open to see what’s up.