In November 2012 Straight met with the international creation agency The Pop-Up-Agency for the first time and thoughts on collaboration grew to life. The Pop Up Agency presented the idea of creating a portable office that would travel the world and “pop up” in 15 different countries during 15 weeks. Straight was commissioned to create furniture that could do this.

The Pop-Up-Agency is a creation agency of six people who travel the world. They appear at a certain place at a certain time, work for 48 hours, pack up and move on to the next destination. This temporary way of thinking is something that Straight had in mind when designing the pop-up furniture.

The idea behind the design is based on the ability to carry a bag that can be easily opened and made ​​into a workplace. During their journey around the world each team member carried one case, each bag can be converted to either a table or two stools. Of the six cases, one can generate six stools and three tables, six table or twelve stools, whatever the occasion demands.

Design: Andreas Beijer and Viktor Erlandsson