Straight has with Stain found a brand new perspective to the use of a coaster where they with a conscious choice of materials allow the product to maintain spots and stains in a natural way and create unique designs as it is used.

The coasters are made of natural-colored nubuckleather from Tärnsjö, the pelt that resembles suede is trimmed with MDF for stability and a well-layered form. The combination of the two materials creates an interesting texture with the thin dimensions creates a slim impression.The texture of the leather allows a spilled stain to be preserved in the material and a unique pattern is created that is not like any other, the patterns tell a story about the use and user of the coaster.

The idea of ​​Stain is based in unwanted coffee stains. Instead of trying to avoid spots, we chose to let the stains become a part of the product and create its character as it is used.